Find any of these new variables in your Canadian demographic set within the Target Market panel. 

September 2017

  • Population Density
    Find out how many people live per square kilometer

  • Percent Population Change
    See the percent population change between 2011 and 2016

  • Average Age of Male Population
    Identify the average age of males in a given area

  • Average Age of Female Population
    Identify the average age of females in a given area

  • Households by Structural Type
    Learn what type of dwelling structure is most dominant, e.g. single detached, semi-detached, high rise, low rise, etc.

  • Number of People per Household
    Find out how many People per Household there are in a given trade area

November 2017

The 2016 census is released over the course of the 2017 year, and will be integrated in to PiinPoint accordingly. For more information on the demographic release calendar, check out the StatsCanada website here.

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