Find any of these new demographic variables within the Target Market panel based on our November update.

New Variables Added

  • Family Size
    e.g. How many couples have 3 or more children?

  • Citizenship and Immigration
    e.g. What is the total number of immigrants in my city between 2011 and 2016?

  • Knowledge of Languages
    e.g. How many people in Kelowna have knowledge of Aboriginal languages?

  • Marital Status
    e.g. How many women in Ottawa are married?

  • Housing (e.g. Household size, structural type, condo status, etc.)
    e.g. What count of the population in Kitchener, Ontario spends less than 30% of income on shelter costs?

  • Aboriginal peoples
    e.g. How many people have Aboriginal status in Hamilton, Ontario?

Updated Datasets

  • Ethnodiversity

  • Household Income

  • Immigration

What's Next?

The 2016 census is released over the course of the 2017 year, and will be integrated in to PiinPoint accordingly. The last release of demographics will be added in early 2018. 

For more information on the demographic release calendar, check out the StatsCanada website here.

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