Our new single site reports make it easier to understand and share what's going in a trade area. With improved data visualizations, more flexibility in the presentation of material, and beautiful printed reports, you can take your research up a notch without removing any of the key data components that you love.

πŸ‘‰ Β Note: These report improvements will replace the look and feel of all future reports.

What's new about Reports?

1. Demographic Cards

Instead of having reports present tables upon tables of data, Demographic Cards give you a quick snapshot on the variables that matter most. Instead of reading through pages of data and deciphering the demographic type, each Card shows the most prevalent variables and benchmarks your trade areas against the regional average:

2. Retail Landscape

The Retail Landscape gives you an instant overview on the major retail influences of a trade area. How prevalent are entertainment centers? Is the primary retail type restaurants, or retail?

3. New Visuals

Rely on intuitive chart to quickly decipher which brands are most prevalent, instead of showing tables with counts.

4. Traffic Count Labels

Find out how many cars or pedestrians pass by a location without having to click on each traffic icon.

5. Trade Area Overview

Quickly find out who lives in an area with smart insights on the average age, income, employment rate (or more!) within an area:

6. Report Printing

Whether your report recipient wants to see your research in a PDF format or as an online report, reports can easily be printed as a PDF. Plus, you can customize how much data to include and adjust the size of your maps prior to exporting. Β 


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