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How do demographic cards work?
How do demographic cards work?

Demographic cards are in each single site report to help you understand who lives in an area

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The Demographic Cards found in PiinPoint reports allow you to quickly grasp the income, education levels, age (and more!) of a trade area.

By default, when you create your report, all the demographic cards are showing the results for your selected trade area

The percent comparison beneath the results, compare your trade area to the next largest geography (Cook County):

If you click on the dropdown of your Trade Area selector, you can change the card to show the results, like Median Age, for a different geography, like the County (Cook), State/Province (Illinois), Nation, or your comparison ranges (1mi radius):

The number that's on the card will change, as well as the results that are shown in the table.

If you're looking for more information on this, email or reach out to your Customer Success Manager via Chat. 

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