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Can I use PiinPoint on my phone?
Can I use PiinPoint on my phone?

Take PiinPoint on the road with mobile access to Single-Site Reports

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You can access and edit your single-site PiinPoint reports on any smartphone device, or tablet. Prep your research before heading out on a site tour by creating your Reports ahead of time, or Share a report with a colleague that's away from their desk online!

Accessing Reports on Mobile

All PiinPoint single-site reports are automatically saved to your Reports library ( The Reports library can be accessed on a regular desktop device, or on mobile.

Desktop Reports Library:

Mobile Reports Library:

When using a Report on a mobile device (i.e. tablet or smartphone), there are two ways you can navigate to the report link.

Manually Enter the URL for your Reports Library

  1. Open up the Chrome app on your mobile device

  2. Enter your login credentials

    💡Hint: let Google Chrome save your login credentials so that next time you can navigate directly to your report library without having to log in

  3. Once your screen indicates a successful login, enter the Report library link into your URL (

If you're logged in and opening a report link directly from your report library, you can access the original report link (as opposed to the shareable link). This means you can edit the report settings as well as view your Existing Location tab.

Alternatively, send yourself a few key report links via PiinPoint on desktop ahead of time so that you can easily just access the link directly from your Inbox. Here's a sample of what a shareable report link looks like from your GMail:


  1. Use the Share button in your report on a desktop device

  2.  From your Inbox, click on the option to "View the full report here" or "View Report"

  3. A chrome window will automatically open up so that you can view the shareable version of the report

💡Hint: if you're opening the Shareable Report link from an email, you will not be able to edit the report

Navigating Reports on Mobile

Reports Menu

To access the different tabs of a single site report, click on the Report Menu option in the top left hand corner of the screen. A side menu will appear giving you access to all the various tabs of the report:

Click on any of the tabs from the side menu to jump to a different page of the report.

Similar to using Reports on a desktop device, the footer of each report (at the very bottom of the page) allows you to jump between different tabs of the report as well.

Editing Reports

If you're logged into PiinPoint on your phone's Chrome app, and using the original report link, any report you open will be editable, similar to on desktop. You can tell if you're using the shared or original report link based on if you have the "+" option in the bottom left hand corner of the report.

Click on the + option to bring in different comparison ranges, new POIs, or Demographic criteria, e.g. "Starbucks":

💡Hint: after you've selected the new variable, POI, or comparison range, make sure you scroll to the bottom of the selector menu and hit Save to get the new criteria added to the report

For more information on using reports on Mobile, connect with your Customer Success Manager or email 

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