We've recently updated our data source for the Points of Interest categories that you see in PiinPoint. The updated data makes searching for categories more intuitive and more accurate.

Why are POIs updating?

  1. The new categories align with the North American Industry Classification Standard (NAICS), making it easy to get additional context on a type of POI and match with other data sources
  2. Results that return by category are more intuitive, meaning fewer POIs that have to be filtered out afterward
  3. There is improved accuracy with the placement of POI results, ensuring that the location is as close as possible to the actual location as expected

How many categories can I search from?

With the new dataset, you have access to over 200 relevant categories that range from automobile services, museums, schools, and doctors, to restaurants, bakeries, salons, housewares stores and more.

Does this impact my previously built reports?

Nope! Any report that was previously built will maintain the same categories that were initially included when they were built. That includes shared reports as well.

What happens if I want to update a previously built report?

To change the POIs within a previously built report, you can create a new report with an updated category or set of brands. 

Will my choice of categories change?

There are some differences in the number of categories, but the new categories are intuitively named to match previous category names. If you're having trouble finding a replacement, let us know in the Chat tool and our team will be happy to help!

Will my POI panel change?

Any POI categories that do not match exactly to what was saved to a Project's POI panels will be removed. 

I'm finding there are fewer results for some categories. Why is that?

Rather than provide a liberal number or results, full of false-positive POIs, we err on the side of caution with category searches. We want to be sure that the results you load onto the map describe the term you've searched for, so some categories may have a different number of results that appear.  

Where do I access POI Categories?

POI categories are combinations of various brands and organizations that all fall under the same theme. They help to speed up your market research, in case you're analyzing multiple POI types and want to pull them all in at once. You'll see your POI categories appear whenever you search up a keyword in the POI panel. E.g. 'Cafes':

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