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Meet ChainXY, our new POI data source 📌
Meet ChainXY, our new POI data source 📌
We're excited to announce a new POI partnership with ChainXY!
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We're pleased to announce that we are updating our data source for the Points of Interest categories that you see in PiinPoint, working with ChainXY to provide you best-in-class coverage of retail and restaurant locations right across North America.

Below are answers to a few questions you may have about this transition. 

1. Why is PiinPoint moving to a new POI provider? 

  • Improved accuracy 

  • Broader and more up-to-date brand coverage

  • More intuitive POI categories (ex. Fast casual restaurants)

2. How will this change affect my experience in PiinPoint?

  • You will interact with POIs in PiinPoint in the same way

  • You will be less likely to encounter gaps in the network coverage of brands that matter most to you

  • You will now get all POI addresses in reports and exports automatically

  • The Retail Landscape in your report overview page contains a new and improved category breakdown: 

3. Will this affect my library of reports?

  • Nope! All reports in your library will remain unchanged

  • If you add additional POIs to old reports, they will be pulled from Chain XY’s database

4. Will my choice of categories change? 

  • To some degree, yes. All of our most popular categories, such as restaurants, grocery stores, banks, coffee shops etc. will still be available

  • Given that Chain XY focuses on brands, there are some categories that will no longer exist

5. What will happen to my POI panel selections? 

  • We will try to preserve your selections, as long as a brand match or a comparable category is available

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

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