Export Points

Any trade area that has been added to the map as a drawn shape (i.e. Drivetime, Ring Series, Polygon, etc.), can be used to outline pull counts of customers, competitors, amenities, or any other data that you've brought into the app! 

Once you've identified a trade area for researching, click on the shape you've drawn, and select Export Points from the context menu:

How it Works 

When you click Export Points, you automatically download an excel file that includes the points on the map overlapping with your drawn shape. Points included come from:

  • Regular Layers (not including shape layers)

  • Contribution Layers

  • Points of Interest

  • My Locations

Exporting points can be pulled by any shapes that are smaller than a 100 km or 62 mile radius shape.

👉 Keep in Mind

  • There is a maximum limit of 100 points that can be exported per shape.

Export Regular Layers

Any regular layer that is turned on will export along with any other attributes that are included in the original file. There is a maximum shape size for exporting points. 

👉 Keep in Mind

  • Rather than exporting points within a given shape to excel, you can also bring the points from any regular Layer into an online single-site report. 

Export Customers (aka Contribution Layers)

Let's say you have three years of customer data uploaded to your Contribution Layer panel from 2017, 2018, and 2019. You're evaluating an infill site opportunity and want to see how many of your most recent customers may fall within the new trade area.

To see how many of your customers fall within a give trade area, simply:

  1. Pick which Contribution Layer(s) you want to analyze e.g. 2019

  2. Toggle that layer on or click Show Points

  3. Draw a shape using the trade area builder

  4. Click anywhere on the shape to open the shape's context menu

  5. Select the option to Export Points

This will export to excel any customers (regardless of what location they visit) whose origin is in that trade area. Customers will be listed in the excel spreadsheet, where you can run additional analyses to understand market penetration, or potential sales cannibalization (if you have spending data associated).

👉 Keep in Mind

  • If there are multiple Layers turned on, each Layer will export as a separate sheet in your excel file.

Export My Locations

You can extract a list of your locations to excel using the Export Points feature. Any sites turned on within the My Locations page that are within your drawn shape bounds will be exported for further analysis.


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