Each concept has its own way of defining a trade area. You might always be drawing unique polygon shapes for your territories, or perhaps the go-to method is selecting a 10 minute drivetime.

PiinPoint will remember your latest selection for defining a trade area so that it just takes one click to get you into trade area mapping mode!

In your set of mapping tools along the top of your Explore page, you'll see a blue button for drawing your reporting area:

To start, by default, you've got the option to place a Drivetime heatmap:

If drivetimes are your preferred trade area type, just click the button and you can start trade area mapping via Drivetime. If you'd like to change the default, simply select the drop down menu to the right of the button:

Choose your preferred trade area style:

And then you're ready to roll. Any trade area going forward will be your selected shape. In this case, a Ring, instead of a Drivetime:

Looking to build a report?

As soon as you've drawn a trade area, a context menu will appear on the shape, giving you the option to start building reports, comparing sites, extracting data, and more! 

You can learn more about context menus, check out our docs here.

💡 Keep in Mind 

  • The default reporting style is saved on a per-Project basis. If you open up a fresh new Project, you'll get the chance to reassign your default trade area style


To learn more about trade areas, building reports, and default projects, talk with our Customer Success team using the in-app Chat tool, or email support@piinpoint.com. 

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