Mapping Employee Postal/Zip Codes

Find out how many employees are within a radius or drivetime

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Placing an office location, warehouse, distribution center, or food service location can impact a lot of employees. To understand how far those employees' home locations are, how many of them are within certain driving distances or radii, and what the commuting times will be for the majority of a team makes the decision that much easier. 

Mapping Employee Data

Start by identifying your location on the map by doing an address search. e.g. 500 King Street N., Waterloo, ON:

From the blue marker that appears at your address, select the option to Create Rings or Create Drivetime:

Enter the desired ring sizes or drivetime distances:

Upload Employee Data

Once the rings are on the map, upload your employee data. For more information on uploading a Layer, check out our docs here. For employee data, your spreadsheet of data should have the following fields:

  • Unique ID

  • Address (or latitude/longitude category)

  • Category (optional)

Sum Employee Counts

There are two ways to find out how many employees are within one of your rings or driving distances:

1. Export Points

If you're looking for a quick count, simply click the option to "Export Points" from the shape's context menu:

In your exported csv, you'll get a list of all the employees within the shape's boundary as well as their distance to your location.

2. Display Employees in a Report

For a more detailed list via a shareable online report, select the option to Build a Report from the shape's context menu, and be sure to select your employees' data as a part of the Layers that are included:

In the report, at the bottom of the Overview page, you'll see the counts of employees included at the 1, 3, and 5 km range (or whatever comparison ranges you set). For example, in this case there are 19 employees within the 1 km range:

Finding the Shortest Commuting Times

Make sure that the location you've selected benefits the greatest number of employees and sets up the majority of the team for a short commute. To use our Transit Times calculator, check out our docs here.

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