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How would this market be impacted by a store closure?
How would this market be impacted by a store closure?

Better manage risk by understanding which store locations are nearby

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Store closures happen

Sometimes a store temporary closes down based on the seasonality of their business, construction projects, or a redevelopment project. In these cases, businesses need to be redirected during the time of closure to mitigate a disruption in store sales. In other cases, store closures are permanent decisions due to a location's poor performance. 

Whether a store will be closed temporarily or permanently, it still serves many customers that will be impacted its closure. To manage the risk involved in closing retail store locations, there are preventative measures that can be taken to ensure that as many customers are maintained as possible. These include:

  1. Monitoring store performance to make sure closures happen at the right location and at the right time.

  2. Extracting data on the closing store to determine how many customers will be impacted by the closure.

  3. Notifying customers via direct mail or online campaign, with the nearest store location to visit upon closing.

  4. Calculating how close the next nearest store location is for diverting visitors.

Rather than measure the euclidean or driving distances from a closed store to all other stores nearby manually in the app, connect with PiinPoint's consulting team to calculate the distances across your entire store network and a set of corresponding locations.  


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Delivery: 1-2 Weeks following Data Review


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