The Target Market panel just got a lot more powerful with coloring options, distribution charts, and more.

Here's What's New

  1. Show the Absolute Values of your chloropleth map

  2. Filter the data by specific ranges e.g. only show me areas between 200-1000 households

  3. Change the color scheme of the Heatmap

1. Show the Absolute Values

When creating chloropleth maps to indicate an area's population, wealth, ethnicity, or other variables, you can now also indicate the actual values that are being represented on the map. 

For example, when making a map on Total Population in Calgary, Alberta, the dark green areas previously would indicate which area had more Population:

Now when you're creating a map, you can also indicate the Population statistics associated with a dark, or light green area, using the histogram shown in your Target Market legend. 

Let's take a closer look.

In this case, I know that a dark green area is going to represent over 1,000 people (this is the top half of the chart's distribution; the higher percentiles). Whereas a light green area is going to represent only between 0-315 people (my lower percentile): 

This legend is included in any full page map you create, so you can now indicate the actual values being shown when preparing to print or save PDF maps:

👆 Keep in Mind

  • Absolute values can only be shown for heatmaps that are using one variable. For more information on showing multiple variables, see here.

2. Filter by Specific Ranges

In addition to seeing the absolute ranges of your population distribution, you can also choose to only show a certain range in the heatmap. 

For example, let's say you wanted to only see areas with over 1,000 people. Use the slider in your heatmap legend to indicate what range you want to see:

You can also set upper and lower limits, e.g. see areas between 500 and 1,000 people:

3. Change the Color of the Heatmap

The heatmap color has traditionally been shown as a green color scheme, going from light yellow green, to a dark green color. You can now choose between four different color schemes depending on how you want to display the data.

  1. Green

  2. Red/Green

  3. Red/Blue

  4. Black/White

To change the heatmap coloring, navigate to the legend of the heatmap and select the option to "Change Color Scheme":

👉 Learn More about the Target Market Heatmap

  • Check out our docs on looking at demographic suitability here

  • Discover more about filtering, here


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