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Data Access and Collaboration with teams
Data Access and Collaboration with teams

Here's everything you need to know on working with others in PiinPoint

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There are a few different ways you can use PiinPoint to collaborate with teams and share your work with other users within your organization. 

How it Works


Layers are a global feature, meaning that any Layer you upload or create in the app will be visible to other members on your team with the same Role as you.*

Changes that are made to a Layer are saved automatically and reflected in any other user's account that has access to that Layer.

*To limit the Layers that are shown in users' account, you can use Roles.


Roles can be created in PiinPoint by your account manager to set the permissions and access of various people in your organization using PiinPoint.

For example, let's say you've set up a license for a third-party consultant in PiinPoint, and they need to see your store locations but shouldn't be privy to store sales. You'd create a separate Role for "Third-Party Partners" who wouldn't get access to Admin settings or Sales data. 

Or perhaps there a few members of your team doing extensive research and analysis and they've uploaded Layers of potential territories to rank. Other teams who will not be involved in this work don't need those Layers cluttering up their Layer panel, so another Role could be set up for those individuals.


Projects save specific map-states based on individual users. You can share a Project with a colleague, which creates a copy of your work and adds it to your team member's Project panel.

Work that is copied over includes:

  • Demographic criteria selected in the Target Market panel

  • Points of Interest selected in the POI panel

  • Labels added to the map

  • Shapes drawn on the map

For more information on Projects, check out this article.

Account Administrators

Account Administrators manage your team's licenses, roles, and permissions. Administrators (or "Admins") can:

  • Access the Admin Settings from within the Account Settings

  • Create new Roles

  • Assign permissions for each Role

  • Assign team members to the Roles

  • Invite team members to the account

  • Add or remove Locations from your My Locations set

  • View and manage any Layer that was created by another Admin user, e.g. assign those Layers accordingly to relevant roles

To set up your account administrators, you can contact your Customer Success Manager.


Still have questions?  Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information or email

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