Customize Report Variables

Each demographic topic in your Reports can be switched to show the most relevant variable for you on the card. For example, by default, PiinPoint reports show Median Income, but now if you want to show Average Income or Income per Capita, you can. Simply select the dropdown and switch out the variable you'd like to show.

👉Pro User Tips

  • Shared versions of reports will maintain whatever selection you picked.

  • You can learn more about customizing and editing reports in our docs here.

Customize the Heatmap

When producing a thematic map, you now have the ability to select from six different color schemes, depending on what's most applicable to the variable you're displaying.

Once you've turned on the Target Market heatmap, click the option to "Change Color Schemes" to bring in a different colored gradient:

Learn more about the target market heatmap in our docs here

Customize Drawn Line Thickness

You can now adjust the thickness of your shape borders as well. Choose to show a thick line for added emphasis in a crowded market, or remove the border altogether for a different feel:

👉To Keep in Mind 

 If you remove the border altogether, you won't be able to toggle the fill of the shape.


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