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Building Custom Trade Area Rings
Building Custom Trade Area Rings

Find out how we've made it easier to drop your custom trade area ranges

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Build your trade areas in three clicks

1. Select Rings (Custom) from the Trade Area dropdown:

2. Drop the marker at your location:

3. Enter the Custom Ring sizes in the box and hit the Enter key or click the Save button:

And voila!

Building custom trade area rings couldn't be easier!

💪 Pro Tip: 

Your most recent preferences, whether it's for rings, drivetimes or walktimes, will always be saved in the trade area shortcut button. If you want to draw another ring series of the exact same size it only takes two clicks! One on the shortcut button, and then one anywhere on the map to draw the trade area series around that point!


Got more questions about using the Rings (Custom) tool? Chat with your Customer Success Manager in the app or email for help.

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