The Quick Comparison modal just became more powerful! Check out the updates below to make your market planning process faster, and easier.

Here's What's New

  1. Each compared area has a color-key so you can know which shape it's referencing

  2. Add in additional columns to compare up to 3 variables from your Target Market panel

1. Color Keys

Each trade area you've identified on the map can now be identified by color in the Comparison modal:

2. Add more variables

Rather than just seeing your first variable from the Target Market panel, you can add any number of variables right to the Comparison modal to quickly validate that your top 3 or 4 variables hit their mark.

Simply click on the "+" button to the right of your columns to add more variables:

Any time you add a column, PiinPoint will automatically grab the next variable within your Target Market panel.


Still have questions about creating comparisons? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager via the Chat or email for help!

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