When you've got a network of store locations, it's important to understand market trends and patterns across all those store's trade areas. At PiinPoint, we offer a consulting service called a Suitability Study to help you identify what the success factors are at your stores and what you want to avoid. 

You can also just create a quick report in the app, to easily see what population stats look like across all your store locations, at a few different trade area sizes 

For example, "What's the Total Population and Median Household Income at all my stores based on a 5 minute and a 10 minute drivetime?"

Here's how to create a report on all those locations (at once).

Step One: Go to Reports Library

Head up to the "Reports" tab of PiinPoint, this is right by the "Explore" tab:

Step Two: Navigate to Batch Reports

Click on the large tab called, "Batch Reports." Batch reports allow you to do extensive reporting with just a few clicks.

Step Three: Create a new report

Select the option to "Create Batch Report Set":

Step Four. Choose your Data

Choose to build the batch report set on your Locations:

Step Five. Select a Datasets / Report Type

Tell PiinPoint what type of report you want to build. For an individual report on every single location, choose "Regular". For one report on all locations, choose "Comparison".

Once you've given it a name, it's just a matter of setting up all the parameters for the report.

Step Six. Identify the Mappings

Set up the report parameters. For the "Report Name," this is the field that will describe each site, so you'll want to pick something intuitive like Store Name or Store No. 

Step 7: Set the Reporting Method

Tell PiinPoint the trade area you want around each store, as well as what data points you want to include (if any) for Layers or Points of Interest. It will automatically use whatever Demographics you had selected in your Target Market panel.

Step 8. Run the Report

Once you've set all the required fields, you'll be able to scroll down and click this "Start" button:

The report will automatically appear in your Reports library, and the page should redirect you there so that you can open it up.


Still have questions about creating a report on all your locations? Ping your Customer Success Manager in the Chat or email support@piinpoint.com. 

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