Have you ever wished you could quickly look up the number of locations a competing brand has within a trade area without having to run a report? 

Or perhaps you've wanted to know how many customers you have in an area between two of your locations. 

In the past you would have to leave the mapview to run these queries, either through a report or by exporting points of data to an excel spreadsheet. 

Now you can easily query Point of Interest counts and Layer point counts (for contribution, regular and candidate layers). 

To do this we have upgraded what was formerly our "Demographic Overview" to now include three tabs: Demographics, POIs, and Layer. 

Here's how you use the tool: 

For Demographics: 

First, make sure the relevant demographic variables you want to explore are added to the target market panel

Then, draw your desired shape on the map using our trade area drawing tool

Once the shape is drawn, click on it to bring up its context menu and select "Summarize Data". 

 In the top right-hand corner of your browser you will see the Data Overview panel, which will default to having the demographics tab open.  

For POIs

First, select the brands and categories that you want counts of within your trade area. You need to make sure they are turned "ON" in order for them to be counted in the Data Overview. 

Now, when you select your shape and click "Summarize Data," click on the POIs tab as it appears in the data overview. You will see a count of each of the brands and categories that you have selected.

For Layers: 

Regular and Candidate Layers: These types of layers will need to be turned on in order to be counted. 

Contribution Layers: These layers need to be turned on as well and the locations that you want customer counts for, selected.

Click Summarize Data and select the Layers tab in the Data Overview and you will quickly be able to see counts for all layers you've selected.

🖥 Technical Note: 

For large shapes (eg. a 30 minute drivetime or a 75 sq. mile territory) the POI and Layer counts may take a minute or two to load in.  


Still Got Questions❓

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager in the Chat or email our team at support@piinpoint.com.


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