Once you have a location set in PiinPoint, you can easily update your network as it changes. Don't wait until the end of each month or quarter to indicate a new store opening or closure to the rest of your team.

On-the-fly updates allow you to:

  • Create net new locations from your My Location panel

  • Promote potential sites saved in a Candidate Layer

  • Delete sites that are closed or relocated from a My Location pop-up

🔒 Warning

  • All users in your organization who have "Has Administrative Privileges" will be able to add new locations, promote candidates, or delete existing Locations from your master location set uploaded behind the scenes and shown in PiinPoint. Make sure the appropriate people are being given this access from within your Account Settings:

Create Net New Locations

In the My Locations panel, you can add in new sites regardless of whether you've saved them to a Layer already or not.

  • Start by zooming into your location and identifying the rooftop or lot you'd like to drop the marker on (keep in mind, this is what will show when you click Streetview for the new location)

  • Open the My Locations panel and select the option to "+ New Location":

  • Click on the location on the map where you'd like the marker to be saved

  • Then fill in your key store attributes. Required fields are starred, but it's best practice to fill in all necessary data points.

  • Click Save and the marker will appear on the map, with appropriate symbology based on the categorization it was assigned.

Delete Existing Locations

Store closures are inevitable as markets change, franchisees retire, online sales takeover, or sites are relocated. When you have a site that no longer exists, simply: 

  • Click on the store on the map

  • Select the option to Delete Location and then hit Yes, Delete.

Promote from Candidate Layers

If you're real estate approval process is in PiinPoint and all your upcoming sites are saved as Candidate locations, you can now promote those Candidate locations right into your My Locations set. 

  • Click on any point within a Candidate Layer

  • Select the option to Promote to My Location

  • This will open up a new modal where you can enter details about the new location. Make sure you type in a Category that matches one of your existing category and an ID that is not currently in use by another location. 

Any new sites you add will be indexable immediately from within your location search bar, based on the unique ID you assigned during the promotion or addition of the location.


Still have questions? For more information on uploading your location set, speak with your Customer Success Manager or use the blue Chat button to contact our support team.

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