Every property deserves to have a well-suited tenant that can perform well in the market and offer a long-term leasing relationship to its landlord.

The best way to ensure there's good site fit is to leverage local market knowledge regarding available listings and then apply the best real estate tech to automate the due diligence process and analytical review done by both parties.

PiinPoint's property submission portals allow any one with an identified property for lease - be it a broker, tenant rep, landlord rep, landlord, or franchisee - to submit sites for review to a retail business.

The portals ensure the highest-level of service is provided to potential or existing retail mandates, and integrate seamlessly with the retailers' real estate process.

Accessing Retail Submission Portals

Any retailer using PiinPoint Real Estate has access to their own unique submission portal. To request access to available portals, contact properties@piinpoint.com.

Submitting Properties

It's likely that the property in question has a listing brochure somewhere for sharing with potential tenants. PiinPoint's submission portals assume you have access to a PDF that advertises the property. 

Let's say for example, that we want to submit a listing to The Sammy Co., an upscale-casual sandwich bar concept.

Once you've gained access to The Sammy Co.'s submission portal, you simply drag and drop or Click to upload the listing brochure into the dropbox:

💡 User Tip

  • Don't have a listing brochure? No problem. You can input the fields manually instead if it's not a public listing or you don't have the brochure.

Confirm Property Criteria

Once your property has been submitted, you'll just need to confirm a few details that may or may not have been included in the brochure. In this case, the Address field wasn't extracted, and TMI and Drive Thru info was not included, as indicated by the red fields:

Ensure the Address is Correct

If the address wasn't extracted properly, you'll need enter it into the field below and then select the Validate option:

Provide the Extra Details Upfront

Save time going back and forth on little details about the property later by making sure the potential tenant knows right away if there are things like a tenant improvement allowance, additional fees for TMI, divisible space options, etc. If these are deal-breakers for either party, no one wants to waste each others' time.

Submit the Property

Once you've filled out all the extra detail fields, submit the site to the retailer. If you have additional properties to share, you can continue on with the next, or browse other retailer portals that are public or who you've previously shared properties with.

Keep Track of Submitted Properties

Any time you submit a site to a retailer's portal, you'll get an email confirmation from PiinPoint. That way, you know who has seen what, and when:


What's Next for Submissions at PiinPoint

Interested in managing any properties you've uploaded to a PiinPoint submission portal? We're currently building a sophisticated property sharing platform that allows you to submit or publish your listing in bulk to well-suited retailers. 

Sign up below to get early access:


If you have more questions about Candidates, contact your Customer Success Manager via Chat or email: support@piinpoint.com.

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