Every potential property that is shared with a retailer can now be  assessed by a consistent set of pre-defined criteria.

Rather than doing manual market research on any number of listings, you can reduce the amount of time spent assessing potential locations and just focus on the identifying the best opportunities out there.

Properties score real estate listings by how well the sites match unique site criteria outlined in a Market Plan; from hitting a population threshold and ensuring proximity to the best co-tenants, to making sure the target market and real estate characteristics exist there.

Accessing your Properties Page

Click on the Properties tab along your top PiinPoint navigation menu:

Submitted Properties List

All the properties that you have sourced and submitted to your unique retail portal will appear in the Properties tab of PiinPoint, ranked by how suitable they are to your criteria:

In the top right-hand corner of your Submitted Properties list, choose between your library of Market Plans to see properties listed across your different geographies:

Property Reports

You can get more detail on any of the Properties in your property list by clicking on this icon at the far right side of the listing:

This let's you Open Property Report:

Let's take a look at what all goes into it. There are five important components to it:

  • a map of the Trade Area

  • "Site Suitability", a detailed breakdown on the score

  • "Neighboring Brands", a list of the nearby businesses to that site

  • a PDF viewer for the actual brochure that was submitted

  • options to contact the submitter

Understanding Property Suitability

The Suitability is based on how well a property matches the criteria you outlined in your Market Plans. In the case above, the property overall scored at "50." 

Negative & Positive Impacts

If we look into some of the criteria specifically, we see that on some factors we didn't do well. Take Square Footage for example, where we were looking for a Cost PSF between $20 and $26 dollars. The cost was $35 though, so we got 0.

In other cases, we did really well. Take Population, where we got 100 because this property has the required 15,000 people within a 5-minute drivetime. Or Household Income, we wanted Average Incomes and that's what exists in this trade area, so perfect!

Contact the Submitter

If you're a retailer, and the site checks off all the boxes, it's time to take the evaluation to the next level and engage the submitter to request a site tour, negotiate a deal, etc. Simply select Contact to send the submitter an email:


Still got questions? Feel free to reach out to the PiinPoint team in the Chat or email properties@piinpoint.com. 

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