Smart Layers

Watch this video to learn how to append powerful amounts of data to any layer in PiinPoint.

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Why would I use Smart Layers?

There are countless applications for Smart Layers, but here are just a few you might want to try out:

  1. Visualize key demographic data alongside a 3-D view of your candidate sites. 

  2. Quickly calculate the number of stores your competitors have within each of your territories. 

  3. Look at the number of current store locations that fall within a 5km radius of a set of possible new store locations - avoiding cannibalization is key!

  4. Calculate drivetimes to the nearest coffee shop for a set of prospective office locations -- you have to keep your employees caffeinated!

  5. Find out which of your competitor's stores has the highest Daytime Population around it.

To read more about Smart Layer click here.


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