Traffic data in PiinPoint shows Average Annual Traffic Data (AADT) sourced from third party providers, including local municipalities and government organizations such as the Department of Transportation.  

What's AADT?

Average Annual Daily Traffic is calculated by surveying an area for a sample period (typically a 7-day week) for 24 hours each day, and then estimating what the annual traffic would be with error and fluctuation factors considered. That result is divided by the number of days in a year (365) to identify what the estimated average traffic per day is at an intersection/point. Each municipality or third party provider uses their own technique or sensor type for the estimation. 

Show Counts on the Map

To show Traffic Counts, go to the Traffic panel and select the type of count you'd like to see (Car or Pedestrian).

The number of vehicles or pedestrians that go by a certain location on a given day will appear.

Click on any point to see the specific date that study was done or a time series breakdown where applicable.

Share your Findings

Traffic data can be shown in any report so that you can refer back to specific counts at a later date, or send them off to a client or franchise:

Show Traffic Labels

Within the traffic legend, you can select Show Labels to quickly see the total number of cars/pedestrians going by above each traffic count:


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