We've made it easy to showcase your research through reports. Once you've created your report, you'll see your sharing options at the top right hand corner:

You have the option to:

Export to Excel

To transfer your findings to an Excel spreadsheet, click Export to Excel. Your report will be separated into different sheets within the file for each tab within the report.

Print / Save

To download a PDF of your report, click Print / Save. You'll be directed into the print mode where you have the ability to set up the report as you like, expanding and collapsing certain components, enlarging the maps, etc.:

Once you click Print, Chrome will connect with your computer's print dialog menu. You can either connect to your default printer, or change the Printer to Save as PDF instead.


This allows you to send an online version of the report to a colleague, client, or potential store owner. You can copy the URL or enter an email address into the recipient field in the app to send the report directly:

👉 Keep in Mind

  • You don't have to be a PiinPoint user to look at these online reports: anyone with the shareable link can access the information. They can zoom in and out of the map and interact with the data (don't worry, they can't change or remove any of the data in your report).

There you go! If you need any more help on this topic feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager via Chat or email support@piinpoint.com.

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