Look at your Layer's unique attributes

Any internal files you've uploaded can be managed and investigated point-by-point using your layer Attribute Table

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Say, for example, you wanted to review 10 potentials sites you've identified or do a deep dive on your Distribution Center locations.

Enter the Attribute Table

Click on the table icon to the left of your Layer name within the Layers panel:

The Attribute Table will pop up along the bottom of the screen giving you the ability to view a list of locations in your selected Layer:

Show More Information

You can edit which columns are visible in the table view by clicking Edit Visible Columns. Click the check box to indicate which columns of data you want to show or hide. For example, by default you may want to show the location type and ID, but you also have the option to input your own research on the site's demographic profile, or the closest competitor. 

Add Columns or Edit Site Attributes

To bring in more columns, see here. These new rows on individual Candidate points will convert into a column in your Layer. 

For example, as you're touring through your Layer, you may want to record some key demographic variables, like Total Daytime Population within 1 km, or maybe what the nearest competitor was in your POI search:

Tour your Layer

Opening the Attribute Table for your layer will allow you to select any given location and click Pan To for navigating to a specific site. Or click Prev and Next to tour sequentially through your list of locations.

Filter your Layer

If you’re touring a layer, you can add additional filters for which categories you want to look at. Say you had categorized your layer of office addresses by their location type (Headquarters, Office, etc.). You can type in the various fields you want to consider in the Filter by dropdown.

If you’d like to reduce the number of rows that you see, you can choose to Pan To a certain site and then click Focus This Row to minimize the tour and see more of the map.

If you still have questions about managing your Layers, contact your Customer Success Manager via Chat or email support@piinpoint.com.

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