If you think there should be a business at a certain location in an area, but it isn't showing up when you search in the POI panel, there are a few ways that might make it show up. Before you attempt these solutions, first read through this troubleshooting article.

Strict Filtering

When you search the POI database for certain businesses, PiinPoint returns results based on the keyword that was input. Having strict filter turned ON only returns searches that match exactly with what's in the database for that business. 

For example, if you made your search for LCBO and had strict filter on, then anything listed under "L.C.B.O." or "Liquor Control Board of Ontario" will not appear on the map. Turn the strict filter off so the search is a little more lenient and see what pops up.

💡 Tip

  • The more specific you can be in POI searches for POI Names, the better. Try looking to see how the company or organization spells their brand name on their website, ensuring there is correct usage of apostrophes or symbols (e.g. McDonald's or H&M).

Void Analysis

Identify whether or not your key retail competitors fall into existing or prospective trade areas using void analysis. By using the void analysis, you can get PiinPoint to do the looking for you and quickly find out if your top POIs are nearby.

Draw your trade area using a ring, polygon, or drive time. On the shape pop-up, select Void Analysis:

Start typing in the Brands that you want to identify as being in the area and click "Add Brand."

The Void Analysis will provide a quick “yes” or “no” answer, without having to toggle the business in your POI panel:

Custom POIs

If your location still does not pop up, you may want to create your own POI. This is as simple as right-clicking on your map and selecting Add as a POI.

If you need any more help on this topic feel free to contact us through the Chat button, or email support@piinpoint.com.

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