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How do I change the google maps overlay?
How do I change the google maps overlay?

Change the map view to public transit, satellite imagery and more

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The Basemaps menu lets you alter the look and feel of the map with a variety of map views. For example, you might want to know:

Is there parking available at a certain address?
How does the map look in 3D?
What green space is nearby?
Are there public transit stops here?
Can I add a drive through on this property?

Access the menu by clicking on the map tile in the bottom left corner of the map. There are 7 views you can switch between:

Google Road Map

Use a familiar map interface that is simple and clean, yet descriptive.

Detailed Road Map

Still a clean interface, but with additional labels that prioritize things like building names, road types, natural features, and landmarks. This map is open-sourced, meaning that the data within it is community-driven. Its emphasis is to show local market knowledge, and often provides insights in areas where large-scale mapping projects have not been done. 

Satellite Maps


Look at satellite imagery to better understand where there are certain landmarks and terrain types. Road names are included in the labeled version.

Not Labeled:

Road names are not shown in this version.

Public Transit

See the trains, subways, and streetcars in a given city to get a good sense of people commuting using transit. You can also look up Public Transit data using POIs and Layers.

Dark Map

A striking look to any geography. Use this map to enhance the aesthetic result of POIs, traffic congestion, or custom layers.

Minimal Map

Reduce any distractions so you can highlight exactly what you need.


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