The Basemaps menu lets you alter the look and feel of the map with a variety of map views. For example, you might want to know:

Is there parking available at a certain address?
How does the map look in 3D?
What green space is near by?
Are there public transit stops near by?
Can I add a drive through on this property?

Access the menu by clicking on the map tile in the bottom left corner of the map. There are 7 views you can switch between:

Google Road Map:

Use a familiar map interface that is simple and clean, yet descriptive.

Detailed Road Map:

Still a clean interface, but with additional labels that prioritizes things like building names, road types, natural features, and landmarks. This map is open-sourced, meaning that the data within it community-driven. It's emphasis is to show local market knowledge, and often provides insights in areas large-scale mapping projects have not been done. 

Satellite Maps:


Look at satellite imagery to better understand where there are certain landmarks and terrain types. Road names are included in the labeled version.

Not Labeled:

Road names are not shown in this version.

2D and 3D imagery:

Zoom into search#18 to get a 3D representation of the satellite maps in urban areas:

Public Transit:

See the trains, subways, and streetcars in a given city to get a good sense of people commuting using transit. You can also look up Public Transit data using POIs and Layers.

Dark Map:

A striking look to any geography, use this to enhance the aesthetic result of POIs, traffic congestion, or custom layers.

Minimal Map:

Reduce any distractions so you can highlight exactly what you need.


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