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Understand the market saturation, number of competitors, and how close the most important brands are to your location

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The POI tab of your reports provides you with competition counts, proximity distances, and an overview on how saturated the areas are with your selected Brands/Categories. There are four key components of the POI tab:

  1. POI Map

  2. Points of Interest Saturation

  3. Nearby Brands

  4. Nearby Points of Interest

1. POI Map

The map gives you a visual overview of your trade area. If you generated the report from a drivetime or custom polygon, you can switch to a circle by sliding the size of the radius at the bottom of the map to show more or less of the area.  

The data in the Nearby Brands and Nearby Points of Interests tables will change as you adjust the trade area shown on the at the top of the page.

2. Points of Interest Saturation

Saturation cards allow you to see how much the potential market is distributed amongst all similar businesses in an area. 

If you're in the coffee business, you're probably keeping an eye on other Coffee Shops. Let's say you require at least a 3,000 people in Daytime Population to open up a new location, and you base your trade areas on a 10 minute drivetime. 

Total daytime population within a 1 km ring is 334,090.
Count of coffee shops is 96.

Divide 334,090 Daytime Pop by 96 Coffee Shops 

= 3,480 Daytime Pop per 1 Coffee Shop

Swap between Brands

You can chose to look at Coffee Shops, or specific brands. Click on the drop down in the bottom left hand corner of the card to toggle between specific brand names:

3. Nearby Brands

This chart shows you the prevalence of brands in the custom trade area. You can look at the top brands using the bar graph displayed by default, or click on the Show Table option to view all.

4. Nearby Points of Interest

This chart gives you a look into the individual locations in the area that were specified on the map. Distance to POI is the distance from the centre of the trade area to the POI on the map.



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