Once a report is generated you may find that you or your client would like to have some additional demographics, or maybe they want to see a larger trade area of POIs. There are a few ways you can customize the information you see within the report.


You can add or remove any custom variables that you set, from either the overview or demographics tab. Clicking the Add Criteria button will pop up the familiar demographic variable selector from the target market panel where you can add in additional variables.  

Add in all the data on a certain demographic, separated automatically into ranges by using Demographics Tables at the bottom of the Demographics tab. Click the variable that you want and the table will populate the information for your trade area and your comparison rings.

Re-order Demographic Variables

By default, your Demographics will load into the report in alphabetical order, but you can rearrange their list view by filtering on the various comparison columns, or dragging and dropping one criteria to another part of the list.


Bring municipal traffic counts into your reports by selecting the type of traffic to show in the Traffic Volumes box in the bottom left hand corner:


Customize what area your POIs are drawing from. Head to the POI panel and look for the radius slider under the map. Click and drag the slider to switch to rings and the amount of POIs adjust to the size of the trade area specified.

To find out how you can access old reports, click here.

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