The My Locations panel allows you to customize how you view your existing location information.

  1. Global Location Toggle: Click on this to toggle ON/OFF all of your locations.

  2. Index Sites by Unique ID: Pan the map to any of your existing locations by either typing the store number or scrolling through the list and clicking the location you want to see.

  3. Categories: Select the ON/OFF switch to toggle a certain category of locations. You must switch on the Global Location toggle first to be able to turn on categories.

  4. Trade Areas: You can automatically build trade areas based on your locations instead of making them individually on the map! Click Build Areas to draw radii around all your store locations.

    *If you have customer data, contact your Customer Success Manager to get custom-fit polygons around each store based on client capture.  

  5. Performance Metric: If you have sales data uploaded to PiinPoint you can quickly visualize how your stores are doing by toggling this ON. Coloured circles will appear around your locations to indicate how they are performing.

For tips on how to go about uploading your current locations, click here.

For more help with your data, use the search bar at the top of the page or contact your Customer Success Manager via Chat or email

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