Accessing Comparison Reports

Once you build a comparison report, you can access them from the Reports page located at the top left of your screen. There are four tabs on this report, similar to a regular report. 

Comparison Report Navigation

At the top of your report, is your map summary, showing all the shapes that were added to the report. Depending on how wide-spread the sites included are, the map will fit to show all of them. You can show or hide both the shape labels and any POIs that you've brought in. 

You can drill down onto any of these locations, by clicking:

  1. Focus Site: Zoom to the specific site and review the address.

  2. Build Report: Create a single-site report for that location to get more information on the site suitability, market overview, proximity to POIs, and your Existing Locations.


The demographics shown in the table will be based on whatever variables were in your Target Market panel upon report creation. You can add in additional demographics by clicking + Add Variable in the bottom left of the table.

Rank Sites by Demographics Criteria

You can easily find out which site has the highest population density, daytime pop, or any other demographic variable you're assessing by using the Rank By option in the top right corner of the table. This will show you which sites are the winners, depending on your sorting strategy (either ascending or descending):

Points of Interest

Similar to your Demographics table, you can find out which POIs are most common within each site's trade area. You can add more POIs by clicking + Add POI in the bottom left of the table.

Or, choose to rank the sites by their market's saturation of certain brands or categories by selecting from the Rank By options at the top right of that table.

Sharing Options

Like all PiinPoint reports, you can chose to either share the report via an online, shareable link, or by exporting the data to Excel for further study. Head up to the top right corner of the report to find your sharing options:


If you have any additional questions about comparison reports, please contact your Customer Success Manager via Chat or email

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