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Welcome to the POI panel
Welcome to the POI panel

Points of Interest allow you to search for places like businesses, landmarks, or amenities and symbolize them on the map

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The POI panel allows you to access a large listing of all the businesses in an area either by their brand name or category. For example, you can search for individual coffee shop brands like Starbucks or Tim Hortons, or search for a keyword like "Cafe."

Here's your index to understanding the POI panel: 

  1. Add a Place by Brand or Category: Type in the name of the POI (e.g. "Starbucks") or the type of POI you're searching for (e.g. "Cafes, Coffee and Tea Houses"). There are suggested POIs that will appear as you begin typing a keyword for you to select.

  2. Symbology: Change the logos that are associated with each POI to best symbolize the brand that you're searching for. Click the existing logo that's been matched to see additional options in the Symbology Menu or find your own favourite logo on the web! Learn more about customizing your maps here.

  3. POI Toggle: This is how you can turn on or turn off your POIs. To toggle all POIs at once, click All On / All Off in the grey menu bar.

  4. Places Count: The count you see in the grey circle (e.g. "6") is the total number of POIs that are within your map view that belong to that category or logo.

  5. Strict Filter: Sometimes the businesses in our database are entered in a way that is different than expected. In the image above, all Chipotle Mexican Grill locations will show up, but since the strict filter is on, anything listed as just "Chipotle" would not. If you can't seem to find the location you're looking for, try turning exact search off.

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