What are Candidate Layers in PiinPoint?

Candidate layers were created to streamline your site selection process so that it's easy to keep tabs on prospective sites.

Say you’ve identified a key area that is worth showing a franchisee, your client, or real estate approval team. With PiinPoint you can add these locations to your Candidate layer of prospective sites to later tour through on the map, include in a report, generate a real estate approval package on, or approve/reject.

Creating Candidate Layers

There are two ways you can start curating candidate lists in PiinPoint. 

  1. Upload your own data set in a previously developed spreadsheet, or

  2. Right-click on the map to bring up the context menu, where you can then click "Add as Candidate:"

Organizing Candidates by Status

Manage your real estate pipeline using PiinPoint's default Candidate categories, or your own system for tracking site approval.

By default, when you create a new Candidate layer, there are six pre-populated stages that your site might be categorized by:

Select from the drop down your ideal state. If you have your own set of properties that you'd like to use, simply type them into the Status field:

A new option for "Approved" will now show up in your Status field.

Managing Candidate Information

Associate any other information about the prospective site as you like by adding Rows into your Candidate layer.

You can add as many rows of information as you like to this menu. Think about this as an excel spreadsheet, by first adding a ‘header’ for the Key and the actual information for the value.

When it comes time to send off your data to a coworker, client or presentation, you can either take a screenshot of the map or build a report. In a report, the Candidate layer will be brought in as POIs on the Overview and POI tabs.


If you have more questions about Candidates, contact your Customer Success Manager via Chat or email: support@piinpoint.com. 

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