There is a PDF printing option built into PiinPoint in the top right corner of your screen:

Click the printer icon to choose different sizes of paper that you can then use to generate a full page map. PDF maps are great for taking into other tools like the Adobe Creative Suite if you want to spiffy them up!

Editable Screenshot

Chrome Extension: Lightshot

This free Chrome extension allows you to make some pretty useful edits to your map capture before saving to PDF, your clipboard, or as an image file. We highly recommend it!

Simple Screenshot

If you want just a picture of the map that you are seeing currently on the map view, you can using the snipping tool on Windows or screenshot tool on Mac to quickly grab what is on your screen and pass it along in a presentation or email.


Locate the snipping tool function or press the windows key and search "snipping tool". Press new and then click and drag around the area to capture. 


To take a custom screenshot on Mac, press Command + Shift + 4 and click and drag to denote the area to capture.


If you want to share more detailed information about an area including demographics and POIs, build a report on the area. You can share it through a shareable url, excel file or PDF. The shareable link curates your information so that it is organized and interactive while the excel file will give you the most raw data. The sharing options are located at the top of every report.


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