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Why isn't my data loading in?
Why isn't my data loading in?

Triple check that your data is ready to load through these tips

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Check Progress with the Blue Loading Bar

If you're deep into market research, you might have a lot of data loading on the map and multiple queries occurring at once.  Look for the blue loading bar at the top of the interface to see if something is still loading into the map, and wait for the bar to disappear before loading new information. 

💪 Power User Tip

  • A good practice for improving performance in PiinPoint is to toggle off features when you don't need them so they don't have to keep updating e.g. traffic, POIs

Ensure Appropriate Search Level

For PiinPoint Traffic data, you'll need to be at an appropriate search level in order to visualize the results of the data. The search level describes you zoomed in your map currently is. 

The zoom level can be found in your browser's URL. For example, this page is zoomed to search level 13:

💪 Power User Tip

  • Traffic counts will not populate unless the map is at 13 or higher (closer)

Remove Strict Filtering

Another possibility is that there is a strict filter being applied, which may be causing some POIs to be filtered out. Uncheck strict filtering and toggle the POI you want OFF and then ON again, to see if the POI will appear.

Create a Smaller Trade Area

Reports must be based on trade areas with a radius of 22 km or 10 miles. If the trade area for your report is larger than this, the information will not load.  


Still having issues?

Please contact us via Chat or email ( and our team will be happy to work with you to get you back to mapping.

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