Getting Started

To upload your data to PiinPoint, you'll just need a few key pieces of information. 

  • A Unique ID

  • A Category 

  • An Address

Latitude and longitude co-ordinates work best but any address can be geocoded as well.

To get started, click on Add New Layer in the layers panel and choose Upload Existing Dataset.

Regular and Candidate Layers

Here is an example of a more fleshed out layer. Additional columns Name and Description will be associated with each ID and appear when you click on the location within PiinPoint. If you want your data to become a candidate layer, toggle Candidate Layer on this page. 

After choosing your file to upload, you can choose to colour the points differently based on it's category or any other column in the spreadsheet.

Contribution Layers

Contribution layers let you visualize where your customers are coming from so it will require a bit more information to get started. 

You'll need:

  • A Unique ID 

  • An Address

  • Amount Spent 

  • The Unique ID of the Store They Visited

Right before you are prompted to choose the file to upload click on, "Advanced: If you are uploading a Contribution Layer, click here."

Choose your unique ID Column and click Next. When prompted for, "Distinguish points visually by:", enter in your Existing Location's unique ID column or in the example above, "Restaurant Visiting". 

Your data will live under Web and Contribution Layers in the layers panel. Now that you've uploaded your spreadsheet, get started with contribution layers.

If you still have questions, use the search bar at the top or contact your Customer Success Manager via Chat or email

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