PiinPoint "Transit Times" Feature

Let’s say you’re helping a client move offices and they want to know how it’s going to impact their employees and how they get to work. With the Transit Times Calculator, you can quickly find out the average commute times (by car, walking, biking) to determine the best location for a move.

How it Works

The Transit Times calculator considers all sections of an employee's commute. For example, if they walk to the train station, then sit on the train for 45 minutes, and then walk to their office, all three parts are considered in the calculation. The calculator assumes the shortest time for each origin to get to the destination.

Create a Transit Times Study

Conducting a Transit Times analysis is simple:

  1. Start by uploading your employee locations as a custom layer in PiinPoint.
    *keep in mind there is a maximum of 200 points per transit time calculation

  2. Add the potential office location(s) as a Candidate location by either right-clicking and adding as Candidate, or uploading another layer.

  3. Navigate to the Layers panel and scroll down and click on Transit Times (if you don’t see this option, use the Chat button to contact PiinPoint and we’ll enable the feature for you).

  4. Now select which layers you want to run the analysis on, e.g. My Candidates and City Employees. You can choose any two layers, whether they are candidates or not.

  5. In the Source (From) dropdown, pick your layer which contains the data points you want to measure transit times for (e.g. Employees, Customer, Distribution Centers, etc.). You can also select which attribute within that layer you would like shown as the header in the output of the analysis.

  6. In the Destination (To) dropdown, pick which sites you’re considering (e.g. two Candidates, your Store Locations, etc.). Additionally, choose an attribute for the display header which will appear in the output of the analysis.

  7. Select the types of commuting styles you’d like to track and even specific departure times.

  8. Click Calculate Transit Times to export an excel file of the comparison and summary values for the travel times.

  9. Click Download CSV for the results.

What you receive is a summary of all your employees and their transit times for each location along with an average transit time for each location! 

What happens if I don't specify a departure time?

If a departure time is not specified, the default departure times is the current time (for type = Transit). Driving estimates require a departure time and will not be calculated if a departure is not specified.

More Tips and Tricks

  • For tips on uploading employee or customer locations, check out our article here.


If you need any more help on this topic feel free to contact us through the Chat button, or email support@piinpoint.com.

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