If you have Layers enabled, you can quickly pull a long list of locations into one single Comparison Report. The POIs, demographics, and trade area shapes will automatically be defined rather than having to build each one manually.

  1. Right click on the map, click on the "Add to Custom Layer"

  2. Then re-name your Layer within the Layers panel to something meaningful (e.g. TO Potential Sites)

  3. Add all of the desirable sites

  4. Click on the ellipses menu to the right of its name

  5. Select the option to "Create Report(s)"

You'll be navigated to the Batch Report builder, where you can select:

  1. Layer name (e.g. Toronto Candidates) from the drop down

  2. Report type (i.e. Comparison) from the drop down

All that's left is to set the trade area that will be generated for each point under the Set Reporting Method tab. 

Batch Reports are saved in the Reports tab and can be viewed at any time

Check out Comparison Reports for more information on navigating your newly generated report! 

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