Drawing shapes are the gateway to endless
strategies for site selection

From a drawn shape you can build reports, look at which customers are in the area, create comparisons, show a demographic overview, and the list goes on. None of this functionality is gone, but we've made these options more consistent across the board and added some exciting new ones!

What's New

1. Share Shapes

You can now share shapes that you've drawn with other users in your organization! If you've input your franchise territories, or identified some potential markets, you can now send them to another member of your team on PiinPoint.

Select any drawn shape and click on the "Share" option:

Choose the name of the user you'd like to send it to from the drop down: 

**NOTE: Your teammate will receive the shape in their current map-state, and any changes they make won't translate back to your account (so you don't have to worry about your work being tweaked).

2. Create a ring / radii just by clicking on the map

Any time you right click on the map, you can now create a ring or series of rings right from that location:

(Or, if you prefer the old way, you can go up to the "Build Report" option)

3. Edit the size of your radii

Instead of deleting your series of rings and redrawing them on the map, you can just select the distance and input a new number:

Updates to the look and feel

Here's some snapshots on where you'll find these changes (On the left is the previous look, on the right is the new and improved).

Shape Context Menu:

Drive time Context Menu:

Right Click Context Menu:

If you'd like more detail on these improvements, sign up for our second webinar on Thursday March 30 (3 pm EST), where we're going to go through these updates together and give a sneak peak on those to come.

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