There are a few different ways to customize the look of your points when working with layers.

Use the Layers Legend

After uploading a layer and turning it on, click on any of the colours beside the different categories from within the legend to bring up a dialogue box.

The dialogue box allows you to customize the symbology of the layer in a few ways.

  • Symbolize By: Allows you to change which column of the data to base the colour on.

  • Label As: Allows you to change which column to draw from for the labels associated with each point. To turn on the labels, click, "Show Labels" in the Legend in the bottom-right.¬†

  • Set Colour: Change the colour of each Category manually by clicking the colour associated with each column.

When First Uploading

 After clicking Upload Existing Dataset to upload your layer and following the prompts to upload the layer, you're given the option to colour the layer based on any of the columns in the excel file. Having a dedicated column for a Type or Category makes this function extremely useful.


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