Site packages need to include clean, informative maps on what's within an area. That might mean looking at markets as a whole, or zooming right into a retail center and capturing the bird's eye view. Here are some best practices from our team on how to accomplish this.

Customize Logos

Make sure that the logos included on your maps look good. 😊   You can do this by choosing what logo appears, looking through our suggested results, or bringing in a custom image URL of your own. For example, we think Option B here looks best:  

Option A:

Option B:

💡 Tips

  • Choose a logo with a transparent background to avoid extra wide space

  • Pick a logo that is more square shaped, not rectangular to optimize the clarity of the brand's logo

  • Check out our post here on how to change these logos in PiinPoint

Crop or Uncrop your Logos

You can choose to just show the shape of a logo in it's true form (e.g. the golden arches for "McDonald's), or you can crop the logo to fit into a pin shape.



💡 Tips

  • For logos without a transparent background, keep it cropped (this keeps everything nicely consistent)

  • For logos with a transparent background, uncrop the logo

For details on assigning custom logos, see here. Then to crop the logo, just click check off the "Marker Crop" option in the Symbology menu here:

Customize the Colours

Make sure that the shapes you draw to indicate trade areas or territories align with your brand guidelines. Just click on shape itself and change the colour from green to something else:

💡 Tips

  • Take it one step further by actually inputting your company's hex or RGB value: 

Change the Basemap

Change the basemap to provide a different look and feel to your map. This can pair well with black or white logos, for example, show major retailers with a black logo, on a Minimal basemap:

To change the logo to your own custom image found online, just copy and paste the Image Link by right clicking on the image:

Rearrange Placement of POIs

If there are a lot of results in one area, or you are doing a bird's eye view on a map, you can drag the Points of Interest away from their original address:

Just click on the logo, and drag it to where it should be.

Import your Results into a Design Tool

If these tips still leave you needing further customization, PiinPoint maps can be taken offline using the Print to PDF function. Any PDF can then be opened in a design tools like InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.


Still have questions? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager in the Chat or email for help.

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