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What can I do with my customer or loyalty program data?
What can I do with my customer or loyalty program data?

See which neighborhoods have more of your customers and your revenue through Contribution Layers

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One of the most powerful dataset for any business is knowing where your customers come from. This knowledge helps to validate the size of your trade area or franchise territory, shows where there are untapped markets nearby your location, and identifies spending patterns and sales distribution.

Layers allow you to build powerful visualizations of your store network and associated customer locations. With access to POS data or a loyalty program, you can upload your customer data to PiinPoint and tap into a whole new set of data.

Uploading the Data

To upload a contribution layer, choose Upload Existing Dataset and on the next page, make sure to click "Advanced: If you are uploading a Contribution Layer, click here." and upload the file. 

For tips on uploading layers, please see here.

Visualizing the Data

Once your customer data is in PiinPoint, go into the Layers panel on the left-hand side and find your customer layer. It will be under the Contribution and Web Layers. Select the cogs to open the layer's settings.

There are a few fields to set here:

  1. Select the display type: This changes how the selected data is calculated and presented. For example, the total amount that all customers spent from a certain DA is going to be added together. Another option would be Percent Contribution, which would display which DA spent the biggest percentage of money at a store. 

  2. Select the field to display: This will allow you to change the metric/column in the excel file that you are drawing from. If you wanted to display the percent of customers that attended a store, you could change this field to ID, and display type to Percent Contribution.

  3. Select the Location Number(s) to display: Choose the store(s) that you want to display the information for. Search for the ID of the store that you are interested in or find out the ID by clicking on the existing location on the map.

    Keep in mind that if you are reporting on multiple locations, the percentage contribution will be spread over all of the locations.

Click Save. 

Then toggle the layer ON within the Layers panel. You'll see something to this effect:

Visualize by Heatmap

You can hover over each shape (in this case, the FSA), to see the percent contribution. For example, this FSA group, M6R (the postal code), has 9.56% of this store’s customer base:

If you have the customer’s spending data as well and you’d like to see percent spending, you can change this in the layer’s settings under the display type:

💡 Tip

Instead of a heatmap form, look at all your customers by exactly where they fall on the map or let PiinPoint summarize them by the zip code / postal code they're in. There are tips on how to do that here.

Check out this video for a step-by-step walk through of interacting with your contribution layers or to explore other types of layers, click here.


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