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Record lease renewals, square footage specs, rental rates, your leasing contact and more

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Whether it's your list of candidate sites or a competitor set that you're tracking sales comparables for, you can easily manage and access your data from your Layers panel in PiinPoint. Let's take a look at these candidates in the Montreal area:  

Each point has its own Attribute Table that allows you to keep track of your insider knowledge. For example, we're keeping tabs on the leasing agent that shared these sites with us, as well as the square footage of the site:

💪  Power-user Tip:

The notes you keep become something you can filter your layer by. Say we had 15 sites provided to us by 3 different brokers - we can filter the layer by only those sites sent from Jane Smith. For more information on touring and filtering Layers, see here.

How to Add Rows

To start managing your site notes, simply click on your new Layer point (if you haven't added a point yet, take a look at how to create a new Layer here).

There are a few fields that will automatically show in your point's attribute table layer:

  • Added By

  • Added On

  • Address

  • Candidate State (for Candidate layers)

From there, you can bring in additional fields by clicking on the option to "Add Row":

The Key cell becomes the left-hand column (e.g. Added By, Added on). You only need to enter this field once. Any subsequent points you add to this Layer will maintain that extra Key field. 

The Value cell is where you input the details of that field. This field will most likely change based on what Leasing Agent you work with, or whatever those Lease Rates were that you wanted to make note of.

Once you've typed in the data you want to track, click Add and you'll see that field appear in the attribute table:

Where else can I see these notes?

If you include your Layer in a site report, you can access the same attribute table that you see on the map. For example, this report here shows my other Candidate locations in the Point of Interest tab: 

In the table is the Leasing Agent's name and the Square Footage:

For more information on using Candidates and Layers, check out our docs here.


If you have more questions about Candidates, contact your Customer Success Manager via Chat or email:

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