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Show traffic flow and congestion
Show traffic flow and congestion

See which way cars travel and where there is road congestion

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Traffic data in PiinPoint shows everything from congestion conditions to where there are stop lights.


Simply go into the Traffic panel and toggle on the option for Traffic Congestion at the top right corner of the panel:

The quality of traffic flow for a surrounding area will appear on major roadways. Red roads indicate that there is congestion, while green is free-flowing traffic movement. 

The congestion heat map is updated in real time, so you can check out what conditions are like near your stores, or as you prep to head out on a site tour:

Look at ingress and egress

By switching the Basemap, you can start to learn about how the directional flow of traffic might impact your store's accessibility.  

  1. Go to Basemaps (the small square in the bottom left-hand corner of your map) and select the Detailed Road map.

  2. Zoom in; arrows will begin to appear to show the direction of each road.

  3. Where there are full intersections, stop lights are indicated by a traffic light symbol.


Discover other details about a site that you can only capture by standing on the street outside the location. By entering into Streetview, you can discover:

  • Bike lanes nearby

  • Street parking

  • Sidewalk patios

  • Storefront visibility

Right click anywhere on the map and choose the option Enter Street View:

💡 Tips: 

  • You can also search for Traffic Counts in PiinPoint. Find out how to get car and pedestrian counts in this article here.

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