Here's what's New

1. PiinPoint's overall look and feel

We gave PiinPoint a make-over to make sure that when you're working in PiinPoint, the map shows your data first. The left hand panel menu has taken a back seat in order to optimize the screen for displaying your work. Here's the difference:

While the look and feel has changed, no functionality has been removed, so you can still do everything you did before - just better.

2. Legends Manager

When you're in the thick of market research, you've probably got an impressive collection of legends lined up on the bottom right hand corner of your map. You can now minimize all legends to clean up your map, or hide them completely for a screen capture. 

3. Toggle Basemaps

Basemaps is now accessible from the bottom left hand corner of your map. Learn more about Basemaps here.

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