Easily find your Target Market in any region

Finding your demographic criteria is critical to identifying markets where your store concept will thrive. We've made the ability to find suitable markets that much easier, and brought in some extra tools.  

What's New

1. Identify more than just the top 5

Find top neighbourhoods with a highly suitable composition of people who meet your criteria.  Just toggle on the number of results you want to get within the Suitability Analysis:

Then change the opacity to make the highlighted areas more or less predominant:

2. Quickly set the desirability of each criteria

If you input criteria in Target Market, PiinPoint automatically assumes it's important to defining your ideal customer. That's why you see the "desirable" tag.

If there's a specific demographic variable that you know negatively impacts your business which you'd like to avoid, set it to being "undesirable." 

For example, maybe you actively avoid areas where people walk to work, because your store is only a drive-thru restaurant.

3. See the Ranking of your Top Areas

If you want to just see a subset of neighbourhoods in the suitability analysis, you can now tell which areas are ranked higher. They'll have a gradient change depending on where they fall in a scale of 1 to 10, 1 to 40, etc.

4. Lock the Suitability Results

If you have the box "Update Top Blocks..." checked, as you pan around the map the suitability results will constantly recalculate depending on the what regions fall into view on your screen.

Uncheck it and we'll keep the ranking as it is regardless of where you pan to.

Updates to the look and feel

Here's some snapshots on where you'll find these changes (On the left is the previous look, on the right is the new and improved).

Target Market design:

Turning on the Top 5:

Top 5 Results:

Demographic Quickview Panel:

If you'd like more detail on these improvements, register for our webinar on Thursday March 30 (3 pm EST), where we're going to go through these updates together and give a sneak peak on those to come. 

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