Once you build a comparison report, you can access them from the Reports page located at the top left of your screen. There are four tabs on this report, similar to a regular report. 


This page gives you a quick look at all the trade areas in one map view. Click Pan To, to zoom into each point. Clicking the names of the areas you are comparing allows you to edit the name which will update everywhere in the report. 


All the demographics that you specified on the target market panel will show up on this page, based on the trade area size you drew. You can also click Add Comparison to include tabs on additional ranges. For example, say you want to see how your 1 mile ring measures up against 3 and 5 miles, or a 10 minute drive time.

If you forgot any demographics while making the report, you can add them in by clicking Add Variable

To get a visual on each of the locations and their demographics, click Switch to Charts to reveal graphs separated by each demographic.

Points of Interest

Here you will see all of the POIs that you specified in the POI panel. You can add additional POIs by clicking Add POI. POIs can either be viewed in a table or you can switch to a map view of all the individual trade areas. This allows you to have more than just a count of the POIs in the area.

Sharing Options

Sharing comparison reports with colleagues and clients is easiest through our shareable url, accessible through the Share This Report button on the left. This allows anyone with the link to see the information listed here along with the interactive maps without allowing them to edit them. 

If you need the raw data in the report, you can export both the Demographics and POI pages to an excel spreadsheet. This is especially useful when importing the data into your company's own internal system. 

If you have any additional questions about comparison reports, please contact your Customer Success Manager via Chat or email support@piinpoint.com.

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