The "Who Lives Here?" section of each single-site PiinPoint report describes the landscape of your trade area through intuitive summary statements. Through PiinPoint's proprietary Trade Area Insights technology, statements that are displayed reflect the most significant demographic traits for that neighbourhood.

How do Trade Area Insights Work

The statements shown in the trade area insights summarize both Demographic and Point of Interest data for your report. The first three points for any insight will be based on the demographic make-up of the trade area. The fourth point of any insight is regarding the business landscape. 

For the Demographic part of Trade Area Insights, the order of the three summary statements reflect the significance of that statement. For example, if the ethnicity traits appeared on the first line, then the ethnic composition of the neighbourhood is the most noteworthy distinction to make for this trade area. On the other hand, perhaps education levels have appeared first, in which the educational attainment for that area is especially significant compared to other areas.

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