What's a Site Profile?

A Site Profile allows you to craft unique customer personas based on various demographic characteristics. For example, does your customer tend to:

  • Be more or less educated? 

  • Earn more or less income?

  • Belong to smaller or larger families?

  • Live in diverse communities or ethnically uniform areas?

Characteristics like these can be defined and assigned to one or multiple Site Profiles that you build. Then each report you create will include a score on how well this trade area matches your profile and unique target market requirements. 

Building a Profile

To get started, navigate to your account name in the top right hand corner of your account.

  1. Select Site Profiles

  2. Click + New Site Profile

  3. Create a name for the profile and fill out the questions based on your customer type

  4. Click Save

You'll see your newly saved profile listed in the Site Profile library, at which point you can set one as your default, remove others, or add more.

Scoring Site Profiles by Location Suitability

Location Suitability Score

In any single-site Report, you'll get a Location Suitability score based on how well the trade area matches your site profile:

The Location Suitability Score is based on a scale of 0 to 100. It measures your trade area suitability based on the preferences that you set when defining your unique site profile (e.g. Education, Household type, Diversity) questionnaire:

Each preference is weighted equally.

Trade Area Insights

The Trade Area Insights in your report will be highlighted to indicate how well each part of your profile measures up to your Site Profile for this trade area:

The red to green gradient represents a score from 0 to 100; red indicating that there is not a match with your site profile, green indicating that there is.

If you've forgotten what you had selected as important in your site profile, simply hover over the underlined section of any insight and you can see why the trait is red, orange, yellow, green, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have multiple Site Profiles?

You can create as many site profiles as you'd like, depending on how many customer types you cater to. 

Set a default Site Profile and any report you build will score location suitability based on that profile. Once you're in the report, you can toggle between different Site Profiles if you'd like to evaluate the trade area against say your primary customer and your secondary customer:

If I share this report online, will the Location Suitability score be visible to the recipient?

Yes, if you've developed out a Site Profile and set a default profile, then any report you build will have a Location Suitability score and be included in the shareable link. Just like all shareable reports, the recipient can't edit the report, so you'll be able to set a specific Site Profile for them to view. 

If you do not have any Site Profiles, you will not have a Location Suitability score included in your Reports or shareable links.

How is the Site Profile different from my Target Market panel?

Site Profiles are used to score specific trade areas that you create as a Report, rather than on your map in Explore. The scores for your Site Profiles are shown in the Location Suitability section of a single-site Report, and results are aggregated at the trade area (e.g. report that is built on a 5 minute drivetime). The ranking shown via the Target Market heatmap is based on geopolitical levels (e.g. DA, Block Group, CD, County, etc.), and are based on more specific demographic traits.


Still got questions? Let us know in the Chat or email us at support@piinpoint.com. 

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