Select Locations to Compare by Drawing Shapes

Create the trade areas that you want to compare by using the Build Report button at the top of the screen. Once all the trade areas are drawn, select the Add to Comparison option shown in the shape’s pop-up window:

The shape will be added to the Quick Comparison window in the top right corner of your screen:

There is also a shortcut to add all trade areas in view to a quick comparison. Click the Create Comparison button in the top of the interface and select Add all in View from within the Quick Comparison window to select them:

Once all your shapes are added, select the Create Comparison Report button to create a report with all of the trade areas that you specified. Name the report and click Create Report to open it in a new tab.

💪 Power User Tip

  • Want to compare more than one variable? You can add in additional demographic criteria from within your Target Market panel using the "+" button on the right side of the Quick Comparison model. Check out our article here to learn more:

Select Locations to Compare Through Batch Reporting

If custom layers are enabled on your account, you can quickly compare all the points on a layer without having to draw any trade areas.

Using Batch Reporting you can also bring any of your layer data sets into the comparison report, as if they were POIs. 

  1. Go to Layers

  2. Find the Layer you'd like to build a batch report off of

  3. Click on the ellipses menu to the right of its name

  4. Select the option to "Create Report(s)"

You'll be navigated to the Batch Report builder, where you can select:

  1. Layer name (e.g. Toronto Candidates) from the drop down

  2. Report type (i.e. Comparison) from the drop down

All that's left is to set the trade area that will be generated for each point under the Set Reporting Method tab and select the layers and POIs that you would like to see included in the report. 

Batch Reports are saved in the Reports tab and can be viewed at any time. Check out Comparison Reports for more information on navigating your newly generated report! 

If you need any more help on this topic feel free to contact us via Chat or email

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